Are you looking for a partnership that will help you install more solar?


Clean Footprint is looking to be your trusted financing partner to provide your clients with hassle free solar electricity at a savings with no out of pocket expenses. The power purchase agreement (PPA) is our exclusive financial product offering in the following states:

• California
• Connecticut
• Hawaii
• Maryland
• Massachusetts
• New Jersey
• Washington D.C.

We see that there is an underserved market in the non-residential sector of energy consumers. The following criterion outlines the types of organizations we are looking to serve.

solar partnership

Commercial “Midsized”:
• Retailers
• Distributors
• Professional Services
• Manufacturers
• Hospitality

• Churches
• Schools
• Hospitals
• Municipalities

All potential clients must:
• Be credit worthy
• Be 400 kW to 2 MW in size
• Be a qualified site
• Be owner Occupied
• Have a high electricity rate
• Have no SREC appetite

When you become a Clean Footprint Partner, you add value and credibility to your business by representing us. Clean Footprint is the company who will own and independently produce the power that is generated by the solar array. Thus, we will support those who are looking to grow their business through a low-commitment partnership with Clean Footprint.

Dedicated Account Managers
• Best Practices
• Qualifying Presentation and Closing Support

Standardized Documents
• PPAs
• Site Leases
• Energy Cost Analyses

Project Analysis
• Economic Analysis
• Risk mitigation
• Technology Selection


Solar Project Development
We develop solar projects from early stage to late stage. We offer standardized documents and tools to bring the project to a successful financial close.

Solar Structured Financing
Clean Footprint works with Tax Equity Investors to internalize federal renewable energy tax credits and MACRS depreciation.

Independent Power Producer
We own and operate the solar assets for the life of the project. We sell the electricity as a service, eliminating risk for our clients

To get started or learn more contact: Kurt Easton at 321-613-4424 or Email Kurt today.

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