Solar Monitoring

To achieve outstanding preventative and corrective maintenance, Clean Footprint manages the installation of a solar monitoring control system that monitors the plant via satellite connection.  At a glance, all pertinent data can be viewed from anywhere in the world by our technicians and asset managers.  Any equipment issues can be attended to quickly and efficiently due to the advanced alert management system.

Your company will be provided with an exciting way to showcase the energy creation and the positive environmental impact of your solar photovoltaic system.  With a large-screen LCD wall-mount display screen, you will have a real-time monitoring system that provides quick answers to common questions and has the ability to drill down into more detailed data.


solar monitoring-2

Its combination of ease-of-use and in-depth data is unique in the industry.  With this application, you and your visitors will have the ability to instantly see the answers to such questions as:

  • How much energy is my solar system generating right now?
  • How much did my solar system generate this past week?
  • What specific environmental impact has my solar system made?

The dashboard on the power solar monitoring portal answers all these questions at a glance.  In addition, most people will never see your energy project in person; or be able to appreciate the quality of the workmanship or components.  However, they will immediately appreciate the quality of the project’s online presence and the monitoring system’s ability to make a complex PV system easy to understand.

Monitoring – An Important Part of O&M

clean-footprint-2This monitoring system is also a valuable partner in the maintenance of your system.  Email alerts of system failures reduce response times from weeks to minutes.  Data-logging enables historical system tracking to discover small problems while they are still small.

Remote access to data, robust data analysis tools, and pre-packaged, web-based public displays are also advantageous.  The web-based solar monitoring system allows us to quickly identify potential system failures before they impact production.

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