Solar Projects

Clean Footprint and ESA Renewables provide complete turn-key solutions for clients including solar financing, design, procurement, installation, and operation and monitoring (O&M) of our renewable energy systems. Together we utilize our established network of partnerships to provide any construction services required for our energy installations. Our experience in getting the job done right is invaluable to you.


Clean Footprint's partner, ESA Renewables, is a Solar Company who has positioned itself as a leader in the industry providing a wide variety of services for solar PV systems worldwide. ESA activities include project financing, EPC, commissioning, monitoring, O&M, third party engineering, production simulation and development. With headquarters in Castellon, Spain, ESA has additional offices in Florida, North Carolina, Puerto Rico, and Italy.

  • Middletown, CT 335kW

    ESA Renewables completed the design and EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) work for this 335kW solar array located in Middletown, Connecticut providing an innovative and reliable solar energy solution.

  • Clayton, NC 500kW

    In Clayton, North Carolina, ESA is managing a 500kW rooftop solar installation and providing Operation and Maintenance Services (O&M). Inverter and aerial photos courtesy of PCX Corporation.

  • Raleigh, NC 500 kW

    In Raleigh, North Carolina, ESA is managing a 500 kW rooftop solar installation and providing Operation and Maintenance (O&M) services. Utilizing state-of-the art technology and highly experienced solar energy engineering staff to maximize ROI.

  • Orlando, FL 417 kW

    In Orlando Florida, ESA is constructing a 417kW rooftop solar installation and providing Operation and Maintenance (O&M) services. Some photos courtesy of the City of Orlando.

  • Hayesville, NC 964 kW

    Located in Hayesville, NC, ESA Renewables is responsible for the operation and maintenance of this 964 kW solar farm. The 3,504 solar panels that make up this solar array generate clean, renewable solar power for the local electric systems.

  • Murphy, NC 1 MW

    ESA Renewables is providing O&M services to this 1 MW solar project located in Murphy, NC. The solar array utilizes 3,552 solar panels, along with 500 kW and 333 kW inverters to produce clean, renewable solar power that is grid-connected to the local electric system.

  • Hayesville, NC 1 MW

    Producing 1 MW of solar energy, this solar project is located in Hayesville, NC. ESA Renewables is under contract to provide operation and maintenance (O&M) services to ensure the solar array continues to generate maximum energy levels for the local electric companies.

  • Hayesville, NC 1 MW

    Producing 1 MW of clean, solar energy for the local electric company in Hayesville, NC, this solar farm is being operated and maintained by ESA Renewables under an O&M agreement. Servicing the 3,552 solar panels and inverters while maintaining the grounds and racking, and assuring all systems are in working order, ESA Renewables maximizes energy production.

  • Hayesville, NC 625kW

    Located in North Carolina, ESA Renewables is proving O&M services for this 625 kW solar project. Diligence and attention to detail in every facet of energy production gives asset managers peace of mind.

  • Orlando, Fl 16kW

    An Orlando, Florida theme park contracted with ESA Renewables to install a 12kW electric charging carport canopy and a 4kW thin film rooftop solar installation. Both of these solar projects were paid for through a local grant the theme park received.

  • Fletcher, NC 500kW

    ESA constructed a 500kW solar rooftop array atop this warehousing building in Fletcher, NC under the Progress Energy Carolinas’ SunSense® Commercial Solar PV program. Today, ESA Renewables continues providing O&M Services.

  • New Bern, NC 1.26MW

    ESA built this 1.26MW rooftop solar array in New Bern, NC on top of the Bosch (BSH) Home Appliances Corporation building. ESA also installed its Monitoring System, and is providing O&M services.

  • Winter Park, FL 100 kW

    This solar project, developed by Clean Footprint, generates 100 kW of clean, green energy and is the city’s first, largest, and only solar energy project to date.

  • Arlington, GA 200 kW

    ESA has constructed and commissioned this 200 kW solar project located in Arlington, GA.

  • Blairsville, GA 1 MW

    This 1 MW solar installation, comprised of 4,340 solar modules, constitutes the largest privately held ground mount grid-connected system in Georgia.

  • Murphy, NC 1 MW

    Since commissioning this array at Martins Creek Elementary School in Murphy, NC, ESA Renewables has been providing O&M services to keep the solar project producing energy at maximum levels.

  • Culberson, NC 1MW

    ESA commissioned this 1MW solar project in the second quarter of 2011. ESA Renewables is also under contract to provide operation and maintenance services. The solar farm located in Culberson, NC.

  • Murphy, NC 1MW

    After leveling 26 feet of land, ESA Renewables completed the construction of this 1MW solar farm in just 3 weeks in Cherokee County, North Carolina. Currently, ESA Renewables is under contract to provide O&M services for the solar project.

  • Murphy, NC 1MW

    ESA Renewables, with their 30 years combined experience, constructed, operates, maintains and monitors over 4,000 ground-mounted PV solar modules on this North Carolina solar farm.

  • Fuquay-Varnia, NC 500kW

    The renewable energy to be generated from this Wake County solar installation will be used by the local power company and its customers. ESA Renewables commissioned this array and is providing operations and maintenance services.

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