Solar Videos

Clean Footprint has developed a library of solar videos which detail our vision, mission and beliefs about the solar industry and its future. Take a few minutes to watch our solar videos now!

Solar in America

Solar is thriving in America. We will go over the History, Benefits and the Policy that allowed this to happen. Policy is changing and here you will see the factors that our creating a clean energy economy.

How to Read Your Electric Bill

Watch in 1080 HD to see the details. Understanding all of the costs associated with your electric bill is a great first step to going solar.

Energy in 285 Seconds

This quick overview of Energy explains the basics of renewables versus non renewables and the process it takes to generate electricity.

Solar Electricity at a Leveled Cost

More citizens are demanding green power! Clean Footprint has positioned itself as a leader in the installation, management and financing of solar PV systems.

Vision and Mission (full version):

An interview with the Founder and the Managing Partner of Clean Footprint identifies the Mission and Vision. John shares how he got started in the solar industry, its challenges and opportunities.

Vision and Mission (short):

Clean Footprint Founder and Managing Partner talks about the Vision and Mission for them in the Solar Industry.

Getting into the Solar Industry:

John Porter is the Founder and Managing Partner of Clean Footprint. He answers in an interview how he got in the Solar Industry.

Biggest Advantage:

John Porter discusses the in-depth knowledge of Clean Footprint and how the company is an early mover in the solar industry.

Why the Solar Vision is Important:

Hear John Porter explain how our system can benefit more through thinking about people, planet, and profit — an enlightened form of capitalism.

Making Solar a Reality:

Why buy solar, lease solar or do community solar? Hear John Porter, the Founder and Managing Partner of Clean Footprint explain.

City of Winter Park Solar Installation:

The City Commission approved an agreement with Clean Footprint, central Florida’s leading solar development and finance company to add solar energy into our city’s electric power supply portfolio.

Solar Development & Financing:

Clean Footprint has positioned itself as a leader in the development and financing of solar PV systems. Clean Footprint offers our financial partners solutions that are reliable, cost effective, and sustainable.

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