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  • Maintenance Free

  • 20 & 30 yr. Lease Terms

  • No hazardous materials

You will receive your first lease payment upon the signing of our lease agreement. Then, we will work on permits, designs, and utility details.

Yes! You will earn a $1,500 lease signing bonus if you sign within 45 days.

You will earn a $750 signing bonus if you sign within 90 days.

Clean Footprint has favorable lease rates that are comparable to properties within your region. Please contact one of our leasing representatives for information.

The solar farm operating period can be between 20 and 30 years depending on the state, utility, and territory you are located in.

There are no hazardous materials that the land will be exposed to during the normal construction or operation of the solar farm.

No, this is a long-term agreement that the landowner is committing to.

Yes, during the development period while we permit and study the land, you may continue farming or using your land. Once construction starts and the system is operational, you will no longer be able to use the land inside the fence line (lease boundary). During the operations period, you can use anything outside of the lease boundary.

Per our partnership with Pivot Energy, it will be their responsibility to maintain everything within the lease boundary. This includes solar equipment, access driveway, vegetation, and fencing. The landowner does not need to maintain any aspect of the leased area.

At the end of the lease term, our partner Pivot Energy will remove all equipment from the site.

Clean Footprint can incorporate and maintain natural buffers (such as a tree line) to help mitigate any potential visual impacts. Solar systems are low-profile structures and typically do not pose a significant hinderance to visual sightlines.

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