Advantages of Leasing Your Land

Turn property into a land bank for the next generation.

Solar leases provide guaranteed payments for the duration of the project’s life while the land continues to appreciate. This is an excellent way to generate additional income on a piece of land while keeping the property in the family for the next generation – also known as land banking.

Once the lease term expires, all solar equipment is removed, and the property is returned to the owner in either a “ready to plant” or a “ready to develop” condition. This is a great way to generate additional revenue while maintaining ownership of their land for future generations to explore future development opportunities.

Create a predictable and reliable income stream.

For farmland owners that have historically used their land for agriculture, a solar ground lease offers a profitable and reliable income stream. In fact, due to the solar farmland requirements solar developers often seek out land that has historically been used for agricultural production, as the sites are usually flat and cleared of any major obstacles that might create delays during construction.

In addition, the value of the land is not jeopardized by any changes to local or federal policies, global agricultural markets, or extreme weather.

Continue being a good neighbor

Whenever landowners consider utilizing their land for a new purpose, they may not wish to disturb the way-of-life of neighboring properties. You have likely heard the concern that there are solar land lease issues associated with a solar lease agreement. While there are countless misconceptions about solar projects and solar panels, they are actually fantastic neighbors for anyone.

Solar projects have a short construction period, typically lasting no more than two or three months. Once constructed, solar projects are unmanned facilities that generate no emissions, no traffic, no glare, minimal noise, and minimal lighting.

Earn money while making a difference

For many landowners, what they choose to do with their land is part of their legacy. While most people take pride in making a positive impact in their communities, many more people are beginning to consider what kind of positive impact they can pass on to future generations.

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