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Leases Signed

2022 – Year in Review

2022 was an incredibly productive year for Clean Footprint, LLC. Here are some highlights.

200 Megawatts of new Solar Projects. We were able to originate two hundred megawatts of distributed generation community solar projects throughout Virginia, Ohio, and Maryland.  Distributed generation means smaller scale ground mounted solar projects generally requiring 30 to 50 acres of land that provide greater local benefits than large scale projects including making cheap clean solar electricity available to homes and businesses in the area.

Building a Stronger Team. We added additional team members and improved on existing capabilities.  Clean Footprint, LLC strengthened our ability to identify sites that are ready for a solar array – identifying potential challenges ahead of time, such as limited capacity on local utility circuits, difficult topography, or wetland areas.  We have built on our expertise in understanding fast moving development in state sponsored programs designed to promote community solar development.

Adapting to Change. As Clean Footprint, LLC continued to work with land owners to get site control for new projects, we gained valuable experience and insight. In this dynamic industry market participants need to be able to remain apprised of the state and federal programs that incentivize solar development and create best practices for responsible solar development. Clean Footprint, LLC has utilized these programs to  identify promising markets to enter based on state and utility programs and local conditions, to the benefit of our shareholders, property owners, and partners.

How we do Business. While the solar business is changing fast, one thing that remains constant is Clean Footprint, LLC’s founding principle – being a part of the transition to a clean energy economy while benefiting the property owners and communities we have the privilege of working with.  We take pride in helping multi-generational farming families earn additional income through the leasing of a portion of their property. Communities we operate in gain additional revenue from our solar arrays as well as benefit from our participation in local nonprofits.

John Porter, CEO addressing the Town of Hurt, VA Volunteer Fire Department.

John Porter, CEO addressing the Town of Hurt, VA Volunteer Fire Department.

Helped the Altavista, VA YMCA with their annual shoe drive.

Helped the Altavista, VA YMCA with their annual shoe drive.

Throughout 2022 Clean Footprint, LLC has focused on rural farming communities. We recognize and respect the desire of these communities to preserve the look and feel of their hometown and we work hard to ensure that we will leave these communities better off. For example, when the leasing period ends and we remove our equipment, the land will be healthier than it was before we arrived. The land will have laid fallow and will be ready for all types of farming activities potentially even qualify for organic farming. We also look to partner with landowners and plant pollinator species along with the solar arrays so that they can keep bees as local pollinators and a potential additional source of income. Clean Footprint, LLC often looks to perimeter plantings around our solar arrays to retain the natural beauty of the surrounding communities.

Going Forward. 2022 was an exciting year for Clean Footprint, LLC, with multiple milestones accomplished. Our team of dedicated professionals is poised to improve on this past year for an even more impactful 2023. We look to diversify our markets and product offerings and expand our reach to working with property owners within the Mid-Atlantic states of Virginia and Maryland, and now as far into the Midwest as Illinois and Ohio.

To all our stakeholders, partners, friends, and family we thank you for your support and collaboration in our ongoing mission to bring about the clean energy economy.

Clean Footprint, LLC Press Release

Clean Footprint Announces Achieving Milestone of 200mw – Originating High Quality Distributed Generation Solar Projects in the Mid Atlantic.

Cape Canaveral January, 2023. Today Clean Footprint announced reaching the 200mw milestone, originating quality solar farm sites that have site control, approved Utility capacity and a clear path to zoning and permitting.

“We have a strong team that identifies and secures quality solar sites positioned for fast-track development,” said John Porter, CEO at Clean Footprint.

Clean Footprint partners with like-minded Independent Power Producers to increase economic development in the communities we serve through locally produced energy sold at a discount to local business and residential customers.

“I am very proud of reaching the 200mw milestone, but we are well on our way to originating 500mw or more over the next two years” concluded Porter.

Founded in 2010, Clean Footprint, LLC is a leading solar origination and development company in the community solar and distributed generation space.

For more information, contact:
John Porter, CEO
Tel: 321 615-8155