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Sells 50MW (approx. 400 acres) Ohio portfolio to EDP Renewables. Expands into Texas and Indiana. Grows Executive and Sales Teams.


Clean Footprint originates over 200 Megawatts in Distributed Generation solar projects. Expands into Ohio and Illinois.

Clean Footprint originates over 200 Megawatts of distributed solar for Community Solar. Expands goal to 1000 Megawatts.


Clean Footprint expands into Virginia to capitalize on State Mandated solar program. Partners with Pivot Energy to complete a multi-year 500-Megawatt goal.


Clean Footprint originates over 20 Megawatts of solar in Massachusetts.


Clean Footprint moves markets from Florida to Massachusetts, a solar friendly state with supporting state law.


Clean Footprint completes two solar projects. One for a local food cooperative and the other for the City of Winter Park Utilities Department.


Clean Footprint works to change Florida laws to allow for independent solar companies to set up and thrive.


Clean Footprint formed to explore solar opportunities and decide on business model. Made up of willing volunteers.