Clean Footprint prides itself in not only gaining quality site control, but moving the ball forward on every angle of the transaction to make it a winning one for all involved. We call this service …


  • Qualified Site Pre-Vetting

  • Site Control

  • Solar Ready, Battery Storage Eligible

  • Community Engagement

  • Zoning & Permitting Pathway

  • Utility Queue Position

  • Utility Scoping Information

  • Preliminary Engineering & Site Design

  • Title Reports

  • Streamlined Processing for Project Transfer

Clean Footprint’s most recent portfolio sales have been to EDPR and Pivot Energy, with whom we have a multi-state first look partnership.

Pivot Energy and Clean Footprint are thrilled to collaborate on bringing the benefits of solar energy, resiliency planning, economic development, and jobs to communities.

Clean Footprint is leading early-stage development of the solar projects while Pivot Energy will finance, own, and operate the portfolio over the long term.

“Pivot Energy is a well-respected B-Corporation that was founded on strong commitments to both people and the planet. Their values align very closely with ours, which makes them the perfect partner for us to work with, especially in community-oriented towns that also stand to benefit tremendously from the economic impact of solar energy,” said Clean Footprint CEO John Porter.

“Clean Footprint’s leadership consistently delivers on doing the right thing and making a positive economic and environmental impact. They prioritize the needs of the local community and put personal relationships front and center, while also continuing to drive the development of more renewable energy. The natural synergies between Pivot Energy and Clean Footprint makes projects like these special,” said Pivot Energy’s Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Matt Preskenis.

Both Clean Footprint and Pivot Energy see projects as an important start to a lasting partnership that has the potential to bring tremendous value to additional towns across Virginia and the broader Mid-Atlantic.

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About Pivot Energy

Pivot Energy is a national solar provider that develops, finances, builds, owns, and manages solar and storage energy projects. Pivot offers a distributed energy platform that includes a range of services and software aimed at serving the full solar ecosystem. Pivot operates on a triple bottom line basis, measuring success by the positive impact on people, the planet, and profit. Learn more at

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About Clean Footprint

Through the extensive background of our management team, Clean Footprint has positioned itself as a leader in the origination of solar projects. Our Team, their collective experience, and years of industry knowledge enables Clean Footprint to offer our financial partners solutions that are reliable, cost effective, and sustainable. Learn more at